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Embedding changes

The Delivery phase will focus on embedding changes and new practices. This will be via a compressive communication campaign, technical development to support any major changes that arise from the design phase and commitment to reporting and improvement.

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The output of the overall project will provide a series of choices, via the HAUC(UK) website, for different elements that make up street and road works, (resources, traffic management, vehicles and machinery etc.) which can be selected as well as a variety of innovative practices, methods and technologies, which will build up a picture of the social, environmental and economic consequences of using the proposed combination and the subsequent value gained or lost in the short to long term with the ability to select alternatives that could improve upon the overall outcome.

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Innovation catalogue

To ensure that the process continues to provide the most up-to-date innovations, methods and practices, the process will link to the innovations element of the HAUC(UK) website where an innovation catalogue is under development for the sector. This will allow for the continued evolution of the process and the transition to Net Zero.