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Road To Net Zero Charter

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The Charter is focused on meeting the challenges of achieving Net Zero for the UK’s street and road works sector, while considering the wider consequences of our collective actions - aligned with HAUC(UK)’s five-year vision:

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Road to Net Zero Project and Data Collaboration

The success of the Road to Net Zero project relies on the collective data contributions from both highway authorities and utilities. Find out more about our commitment to data usage and protection.

Climate change is upon us

Climate change is upon us! What we do now will have a long-lasting impact for generations to come. To keep global warming within 1.5°C of pre-industrial levels requires global greenhouse gas emissions to peak before 2025, be reduced by 43% by 2030 and completely by 2050 to avoid extreme climatic changes taking hold: now commonly known as ‘Net Zero’.

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Need for change

The heatwave last summer strengthens the need for change. Our infrastructure is not prepared for a hotter climate, with roads melting and steel works buckling under prolonged intense heat. Temperature and weather extremes are increasing pothole formation. Changes made now will limit further extremes taking hold and enable us to adapt to the climatic changes already starting to be felt.

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No time to waste

How can we navigate our way to net zero in the road and street works sector if we don't have a starting point, and how do we guarantee that our route does not have additional unforeseen negative repercussions as a result? With many now putting Net Zero strategies in place, the requirement for a sector-wide critical path has never been more crucial to delivering current and future targets, providing a single source of truth to measure our progress, and an overall strategic direction. There is no time to waste.

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Restoring the balance

If we can develop ways to work in harmony with nature, restore it where necessary, and limit interference in the road environment where possible, it will provide a multitude of interconnected benefits and a chance to restore that vital balance. This will increase climate resilience and stimulate the use of more natural alternatives, hence multiplying the benefits.

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Expediting the transition

To implement this revolutionary concept, the sector has to understand how it will work in a real-world setting. The requirements to implement such changes and the projected costs have to be identified/documented and compared against cumulative/quantitative short, medium and longer term benefits to inform business decisions to expedite the transition.

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Road to Net Zero: Webinar

Leading members of the project team deliver a compelling and informative presentation providing a deeper understanding of the project's core objectives and how interested parties can actively contribute and get involved.

We are dedicated to addressing the challenges of achieving Net Zero in the UK's street and road works sector. We are looking to foster collaboration across the industry and develop strategies that will lead us to help achieve the ambitious UK-wide 2050 net zero targets. Together, we can help pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

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